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  1. Carl Steinbarger
    Carl Steinbarger
    Just purchased a 1968 but doesn't pick it up until Monday(1-7-19).. Will post pics soon.. Thanks, Milo
  2. beerbelly
    beerbelly Cathy
    Hey, I have one too! Just took mine on a 16-day, 4800 mile road trip this summer. Welcome!
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  3. 1965 Ranchero 66G
    1965 Ranchero 66G Cathy
    Welcome to the forum Cathy, pick a category and join in and ask away.
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  4. Cathy
    New to forum, I own a 1965 falcon ranchero.
  5. Oculto
    I will sell it to you. I honestly don't know how much it's worthI need to get it off the grill so I can send you pictures.
  6. pmac
    pmac Oculto
    Yes, that is andrewok1. He messaged that he had found one and you were selling it. I told him I would contact you.

    Still for sale??


  7. pmac
    pmac Oculto
    Hi- Andre has been keeping an eye out for a GT badge for me . I am restoring my Dad's '73 GT. It is Wimbledon White and had the Orange GT stripes. Did a body off resto on it - needs a few things completed. One of them is to get a better GT badge. Dad left this outside for too long. Please contact me via Ranchero US (pmac is my name here) or by email at


    Peter MacDonald
    1. Oculto
      Is that andrewok1? He did ask about it
      Dec 23, 2018
  8. Hal Schedler
    Hal Schedler
    I'm on this forum to make available some pristine Ranchero body parts that are too good to be scrapped but must be moved.
  9. NickB.
    Taking my time, building my Ranchero.
  10. Jim Elam
    Jim Elam
    No a modified or even a Cleveland would work, as long as it has or had a thermostat attached. I believe they measure about 17 or 18".
  11. Freestyle Don
    Freestyle Don Michael Farfan
    Welcome Mike, nice looking Ranchero!
  12. Lee bear
    Lee bear Jim Elam
    Does it have to be a winsor
  13. Lee bear
    Lee bear Twee
    I really like to sell the right and left t ogother, 500 for the right one. 480 440 7785
  14. Michael Farfan
    Michael Farfan
    1964 Ford Ranchero -1979 302 with SROD 4-speed Trans. Converted to Front disc brakes.
  15. Lee bear
    Lee bear Jim Elam
    Jim I sent 4 pics to the email address you gave me, it converts the net to com and is returning error. I just resent it
  16. Cindy
    I kindof want a Jeep.
  17. Cindy
    Coffee-Mate: YES
  18. Cindy
    [_]3 <---coffee plz
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    2. 1965 Ranchero 66G
      1965 Ranchero 66G
      Coffee mate or half and half. I prefer Coffee mate.
      Sep 25, 2018
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  19. Cindy
    old love, new worries lol
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    2. Tygr1
      Sep 16, 2018
  20. Cindy
    I'm never awake; more productive in zombie mode.
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    2. 1965 Ranchero 66G
      1965 Ranchero 66G
      New love or old worries.
      Sep 14, 2018
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