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  1. Old guys rule
    Old guys rule
    too many cars,not enough nice looking ones. goal ; change that.
  2. TVandy
    Will 67 Mustang buckets fit easily in my 67 Ranchero? Any help would be great, Have a chance to buy a set cheap
  3. Paris Carter
    Paris Carter MikeC
    Nice like wheels also , different! What kind of rollers ?
  4. 5.0 Chero
    5.0 Chero
    another year and yup still an asshole
  5. Cindy
    ...waiter...? Can I get some coffee...
  6. Ajhart
    no work on the car, couldn't take it on the deployment, will continue in the summer
  7. Mr PMA
    Mr PMA
    I am a new member and owner or my first Ranchero, one owner 1976 dark jade matalic with white interior 500 that is still showroom new
    Making my ride nicer everyday
    RAGNAR 66ranchero guy
    Is anything still available?
  10. Jimi montana
    Jimi montana riogrande
    I saw your post about 67 RanChero parts. I'm starting to build mine after collecting parts for 20+ years but I'll need a few more. Do you have decent bumpers, a grill? a taillight lens that doesn't look 50 years old? could you tell me what sort of stuff you have, like all used, NoS, interior, AC parts? I'm glad to find you in any case, Thanks in advance. Jimi
  11. Eric Powll
    Eric Powll
    Fixin the 66
  12. Carl Steinbarger
  13. beerbelly
    beerbelly Cathy
    Hey, I have one too! Just took mine on a 16-day, 4800 mile road trip this summer. Welcome!
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  14. 1965 Ranchero 66G
    1965 Ranchero 66G Cathy
    Welcome to the forum Cathy, pick a category and join in and ask away.
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  15. Cathy
    New to forum, I own a 1965 falcon ranchero.
  16. Oculto
    I will sell it to you. I honestly don't know how much it's worthI need to get it off the grill so I can send you pictures.
  17. pmac
    pmac Oculto
    Yes, that is andrewok1. He messaged that he had found one and you were selling it. I told him I would contact you.

    Still for sale??


  18. pmac
    pmac Oculto
    Hi- Andre has been keeping an eye out for a GT badge for me . I am restoring my Dad's '73 GT. It is Wimbledon White and had the Orange GT stripes. Did a body off resto on it - needs a few things completed. One of them is to get a better GT badge. Dad left this outside for too long. Please contact me via Ranchero US (pmac is my name here) or by email at


    Peter MacDonald
    1. Oculto
      Is that andrewok1? He did ask about it
      Dec 23, 2018
  19. Hal Schedler
    Hal Schedler
    I'm on this forum to make available some pristine Ranchero body parts that are too good to be scrapped but must be moved.
  20. NickB.
    Taking my time, building my Ranchero.