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  1. Jeremy
    Weather is nice, got a good job, kids are grown and gone, life is good.
  2. Jeremy
    Trying to figure out how to start new post! Ugh lol
  3. Cindy
    Working weekends sucks.
    1. andrewok1
      better than no work at all
      Apr 8, 2017
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  4. 5.0 Chero
  5. 5.0 Chero
  6. Jeremy
    Just bought a 1977 Ranchero 460. When it's cold and even after it warms up it runs great. After about 10 minutes it starts running rough
  7. Cindy
    Hi, Sean! :-)
  8. Jacob Karns
    Jacob Karns
    Got a 1979 Ranchero 500 and I can't find the Bumper mounting hardware or the Front right turn signal plastic lens or face plate. Advice?
  9. andy nelson
    andy nelson Carl Anderson
    Hey I'm kinda new on here & have a 74 model.. I see you live in Lagrange & I'm just right down the road from you in Hamilton ha... I was wondering what you did to lower yours? & how much is it lowered? That's one of the first things I'm wanting to do to mine.. Thanks
  10. rmcphearson
    rmcphearson Rancherous
    Greetings Rancherous,
    I just moved to NJ from Rochester. Looking for a 60-66 ranchero for a daily driver. If you know of any please let me know. Enjoying the site and learning quite a bit since joining a couple days ago.

  11. Cindy
    I hate working on Sundays.
  12. John Roman
    John Roman
    Andy, I am interested but have heard that the pop in center caps have a tendency to pop off. But the would look good with my rims
  13. Jesus R.
    Jesus R.
    American Muscle
  14. Jesus R.
    Jesus R.
    Nothing like a cruise in a classic
  15. Jesus R.
    Jesus R.
    Restoring my 78 Ranchero
  16. Cindy
    Nolite te bastardes carborundorum.
  17. handy_andy_cv64
    handy_andy_cv64 John Roman
    Hi John, I'm asking $50 + $15 S&H for the set. I can also throw in an extra one with the Ford Blue Oval, and a couple of the Blue Oval badges for gratis. Let me know by Pm or text me at (425) 876-3135 to let me know, OK?
  18. handy_andy_cv64
    handy_andy_cv64 Tammy
    Nice Chero. I love the Torq-Thrust D's and the fact it's a member of the House of Windsor.
  19. Cindy
    I need a road trip.
  20. Cindy
    cbolt, I'm lovin that 67