‘79 Ranchero 500 Wiring Diagram

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  1. SquirrelMD

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    Hello All,

    I am in the process of replacing the wiring under the hood on my ‘79 Ranchero 500–it’s brittle 40 year old wiring. I have been trying to locate a wiring schematic/diagram to use as a reference for redoing mine. I have been looking online and get a lot of dead ends.
    These are the specs on mine:

    - 1979 Ford Ranchero 500
    - 351M stock setup with factory A/C

    Do any of you have any leads on how I can acquire one? Thanks in advance for your time and assistance.
  2. handy_andy_cv64

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    Seguin, TX
    I have a set that I photocopied from a Chilton book of diagrams; if you give me an email addy, I can photograph the pages, email them to you. All submodels of Ranchero are covered by them.
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  3. 1978GT

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  4. SquirrelMD

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    Sounds perfect for my needs. Thanks handy_andy_cv64 for the offer. I’ll send you my email address.


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