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    Watching the roku channel yesterday a show made in the UK [ called Hot Rods and Muscle] and 40 minutes into the show they featured a 1955 Mainline Ford [Ranchero].
    I have never heard of one but it looked like a standard 55 ford Custom with a short cab and pickup bed. Looked like they just shortened the stock top and welded it to the A piller.
    Looked to have the Canadian grill.
    The cab was rounded not like the sharp angle of the American Rancheros.
    May be someone from the UK can chime in with some history of these cars and some pictures showing all angles of the body.
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    Yeah , I had one of those for about 3 1/2 years. Mine was imported from Aussie - as far as I know that is the only place they were made . It was a 57 but , like all Aussie fords , was a year behind the States so looked like a 56 customline. Great memories -- when my future wife first drove it she said " it feels like it's alive " . It only had the 272 and 3 speed in it but she was used to driving an Austin A55 !

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