1959 Ranchero parts & lots of 'em

Discussion in 'Ranchero Parts For Sale' started by Spyphish, May 17, 2021.

  1. Spyphish

    Spyphish In First Gear

    From Tom Hanna auction, 4 pallets of NOS parts. Will begin inventory and pics soon.
    So far 5 restored 4 polished Harmon Collins Magnetos 1800 on ebay unrestored. $1500 each
    5 NOS radios, not tested but look great, make offer.
    Y block crome valley plate, new Y block valve covers, new Y block aluminum waterpump. Make offer if needed.
    OR let us know what you need

    Now for the other 200 boxes. Stephen
    stephenontheriver at yahoo dot com

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