1965 Falcon Ranchero Deluxe (66H body code - Bucket seats)

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    As has been mentioned in several sources (including this site), the Falcon Ranchero was offered with factory bucket seats for the first time in 1964. Not many were built that way. Only 235 Deluxe Rancheros were built in '64 with bucket seats. A few more were produced in 1965. Production went to 990 units. The rarest of all is the 1965 standard Ranchero with bucket seats (code 66G). Only 16 of those were built. I don't suppose any survived.

    I have a '65 Ranchero Deluxe, code 66H with factory bucket seats. For those who have never run across this variation, here's what factory buckets look like in a '65. I know that lots of bench seats have been discarded in favor of bucket seats gleaned from a local salvage yard, but here's what the real deal looked like from the factory.
    I have altered the driver seat back angle to give me more room. I've also replaced the full size spare with a space saver unit from a Ranger pickup to give more room. However, now the top of the seat back wedges under the package tray. I need to remedy that before the seat material wears through. I'm contemplating my options. I have a friend who does metal work who thinks he can modify it and maintain the original flavor. I don't want to just hack an arch in the lip of the package tray. That would leave a sharp edge and look bad.
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    Cool-----mine is a 66H as well
    2-tone Blue from the factory, but my uncle had it reupholstered and dash repainted to black----and a bench seat that I do not
    know what car it came from----was bolted directly to the floor and non adjustable.
    I had the 65 covers put on 63 sprint bucket frames and that worked out okay.

    You might try removing the seat------flip it upside down----and remove the spacers from between the seat tracks and the seat bottom.
    That may help out some if you can do it without having any other seat/frame/floor spacing issues.
    I'm going to try that on my car when I get a chance---working out of town a lot.
    New foam on the seats put my head pretty close to the roof----moving down just a bit might be helpful
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    I have a '65 66A but I found buckets from a wrecked '65 66H and have put seat covers from Macs Auto and they look identical (with the Falcon tab in the middle) to yours. Mine is also black. My wife made a pad to go on the package tray to include 3 tucks (just like the seats) right in the middle. She also made me matching sun visors from the same material.

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