1972 Ranchero GT 351CJ 4Speed 2A48Q270863 $3450

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    1972 Ranchero GT 351CJ 4Speed in Running Condition. As the pictures show, this car is in rough condition, but the 351CJ does run and the 4 speed works as it should. Motor motor doesn’t smoke but needs fuel pump, water pump leaks, 12v battery and could use a rebuild.

    Originally sold in the Los Angeles area and always been in SoCal. Rust free body and floors and overall a good numbers matching core Ranchero to restore, or?

    Sometime in the past, the dash VIN came loose and went missing, hence the Replacement Identification Number attached below the Door Data decal on the driver door jamb. Marti Report included. 2A48Q2701863

    Registration fees have been paid and all that's needed for California title is a weigh certificate. I bought the car for the drive-train, but need to concentrate on other projects. I have a car trailer and can work with the buyer on local SoCal delivery. Make an OFFER... 909-522-2351

    Here’s a Craigslist link...

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    I'm assuming there is a CL ad?
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