1976 Ranchero 460 Swap

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    I am in the process of removing the 400 CID engine from my 1976 Ranchero and replacing with a 460. The car has a C6 so I know I am not expecting any tranny/driveline issues. Does anyone know whether the A/C bracket on the 400 will fit the 460? Also any other items that I will need that will not work from the 400?
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    Lot of members here have done this swap,they will chime in.
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    You will need a flywheel for the 460. It has a different flywheel than the 400. The tranny will bolt up. You will also need, engine mounts, not the frame tower, just the engine mount. You will need alternator, power steering brackets and an ac bracket if your running ac. You can buy a kit, or just a few components from L&L products. They make everything you would need for the conversion to go smoothly. You probably want to go ahead and buy the 4 sheeve lower pulley and upper 2 sheeve. Yes...you can go to a junk yard and find the stuff, roll around in the dirt and grease removing the parts, clean them up etc etc. Its easier to just buy the parts you need and not that expensive. They also make a couple headers for it you might want to check out.
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