3 speed 1962 gear box access

Discussion in 'Ranchero Tech Help' started by toddrichert, Aug 22, 2021.

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    I installed this 3 speed manual (along with 144) into my 61 Ranchero from a 62 donor Ranchero that I bought out of Vacaville CA. The original owner's son told me that this 62 was his dad's only car, which he bought new and drove for about 55 years until his death a few years ago. Everything about the 62 seems to quietly tell the story of a car that was maintained for function, not form. He kept it on the road with proverbial band-aids and duct tape solutions as a workman's vehicle, for service and utility.

    As an example of non-standard maintenance, this manual transmission has a long PVC plumbing pipe attached on the passenger side. Here's a picture from underneath the car, looking up:

    PVC pipe.jpg

    It runs up beside the engine with a plastic PVC cap on top for access from directly underneath the hood.

    In doing so, it runs inches away from the exhaust manifold, which I guess wasn't a problem for him when the manifold was exhausting directly to open air.

    When I acquired the 62, the remnants of partial exhaust pipes indicated that the portions which were missing had probably just rusted away, so much that whatever was left of the forward-most pipe had been removed from the exhaust manifold completely.

    But ever since I installed a new exhaust system, I suspect the manifold is reaching higher temps now because this aftermarket PVC fill pipe is starting to warp and melt!

    So it might have been a practical solution for the original owner, being able to add gearbox oil from directly under the hood, but for me it has become a safety issue.

    And in addition to safety, I would prefer my 1961 Ranchero to be as close to a stock Falcon as possible, so I have really 2 reasons to replace this PVC pipe now.

    Unfortunately I don't know what stock even looks like, and what I should be trying to replace it with!

    Could someone who has an original 3 speed with original configuration please post pictures of what their gearbox looks like on the passenger side? I need to see what part(s) I'm missing here on mine.
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    Don't know why that was needed in the first place? Looks like a standard pipe connection, put in a plug.
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    I was wondering if the trans leaked so badly that it needed constant filling?
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    That hadn't occurred to me but that's quite logical. I should put the plug in like burninbush said, clean it up real good under there, and then assess for new leakage going forward.

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