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  1. bnorwood

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    Okay, the magical day has arrived - I'm ready to re-install the windshield and back glass.

    I've had the back glass seal on the glass for a couple of weeks now, but a thought has occurred to me, and I want to avail myself of the Brain Trust here!!

    There is a manufactured joint (see pic below). My original thought was to put this center top, as that is most sheltered (in my reasoning, anyway) in case it isn't *quite* completely water tight.

    Today, though, I'm wondering if it doesn't rightly go center bottom.

    So what's the consensus? What was original?

    This is NOT a show car, but I want it to look right and I don't want it to leak. Not much to ask for, and maybe the question at hand has no bearing on either, but it never hurts to ask first...


    Back glass seal - mfr joint_sm.JPG
  2. DJ Clinton

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    Mesquite, NV
    Personal opinion-middle bottom.
  3. handy_andy_cv64

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    Middle bottom always reduces the chances of leaking into the cabin. Just look at all the door seals on your other vehicles.
  4. beerbelly

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    It's a 'welded' joint, not like an open seam as on door seals, so it's just a subjective, cosmetic choice.
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