'61 Ranchero carpet (Std. trans/split bench seat)

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    So, I got my second carpet for the '61 Ranchero, the cut & sewn variety, from Stock Interiors (distributor for ACC).

    The carpet arrived and looks great. A couple of questions about the rear section and the extra pieces that are included, though:
    Rear carpet pieces_sm.jpg

    The main section does not appear to be long enough (front/rear); it doesn't cover from the end of the front piece to the back of the floor well.

    The main section appears to be too wide (by at least a couple of inches).

    Is it possible that this back section belongs with a different year?

    There is no explanation for the four pieces as to how/where they go. There is a drawing that has them laid out this way, but no explanation/verbiage to describe where they go or how.

    Finally, thoughts on what adhesive to use? Permanent or movable?

    Thanks in advance!!
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    No responses?!?? Help me, pleeeeeeeeeaase!!!!
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    I understand your frustration.
    Perhaps contact the supplier regarding carpet application? If there is a carpet pad, I would use an adhesive on the pad.
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    Sorry, meant to say permanent adhesive.
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    Well, I don't have a '61, and my '64 has a semi-custom carpet job, so this might not be too much help, but here goes.

    In mine, I have two big main pieces. One goes under the feet (bench seat to firewall, with a molded-in rubber mat for the driver's feet), and one goes under the seat. It looks like yours doesn't go under the seat. The wings on your big piece probably go along the door entry, under the door sill. The reason this piece is too wide is so there is enough to clear the seats, go up the side , and go under the door sill. It might have to butt up against the kick panels, too.

    Those skinny pieces probably go between the seats and the door sills as well, on top of the wings from the main piece.

    The short pieces on the right side of your photo probably go behind the seats, in front of the cubbies where the rear seats would be.

    Over all, it looks like the carpet covers everything that "shows." There is nothing that goes under the seats.

    There are a lot of "probably" phrases in my answer above. I'm speculating a lot from what makes sense to me, seeing a photo of the pieces on a floor. They might fit very differently in the car.

    Side note: I put an ACC carpet kit in my '67 F250 a few years ago. It was one big piece, held in place by the bench seat mounting bolts, seat belt bolts, door sills, etc. I did not use (or need) adhesive of any kind. However, on my '64 Ranchero, the PO did use adhesive on the carpeting. It's not a super-strong adhesive, though, and I could probably pull up the carpet if I needed to.

    I hope my ramblings help to some degree.

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    Thanks Joseph. Yes, very helpful!!


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