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Discussion in 'Ranchero Pics' started by DonC, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. steeread

    steeread Guest

    My chero which is all stock is still fun to drive. Get's lots of looks, thumbs up, price offers etc, while on the road, or parked at QwikTrip while I get my morning breakfast.

    Just because you have to be wary about merging into traffic, it is no different than driving any other economy car with low horsepower. I don't care if it is a Fiesta or a Yugo. These trucks bring smiles and/or questions wherever we go.

    Digs is back!!!
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  2. bscottie

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    I like it and will be modifying mine to get it where I want it as time goes by, hopefully I can get all the things I want when money is there, !!!

    keep up the work DONC, the thread is inspirational to me!

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