'64 Fairlane parts wanted

Discussion in 'Other Vehicle Classifieds' started by beerbelly, Apr 17, 2020.

  1. beerbelly

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    Portland OR
    Looking for front & rear chrome window trim, lower B-pillar trim, and wing windows for my buddy's '64 Fairlane street & drag car. Cool car, with 500+ inch big block Ford, and a removable roof. Any leads appreciated. Thanks

    P4040034.JPG P4040036.JPG P4040038.JPG P4040033.JPG
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  2. ron schlorff

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    Oro Valley, AZ
    Nice!! A 64 K-code was my first car love, as a 64 grad of Glendale,CA HS!! They were tearing up at the drags all over so cal at the time in Pamona, Lyons, Irwindale, etc., T-bolts that is!!

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