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  1. dmedlin

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    The trim under the door stops short of the rear wheel well. Do I have the wrong piece of trim or is there another piece I am missing? See pic.

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  2. As Is '66

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    I think that a clip is missing that has allowed that moulding to slide forward...
    I`m searching pics of Rusty now in hopes of finding an answer to this for you...
    It appears Rusty moulding might be a tadd longer than the you show, but not sure of it...
    I can/will get pics for you if needed...
  3. dmedlin

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    wrong trim?

    I had these trim pieces in the truck when I got it. The last owner was working on it and I got it with lots of parts in a box. I think I may have the wrong ones. Thanks for the pic. All the others I've seen have the molding going the whole length from front wheel well to rear wheel well. There are square holes all along the area the trim I have would fit, but the last hole is round. That got me wondering if there was a piece missing.:confused:
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    it appears that you are using a rocker molding from a 65 Falcon which is original part number C6DZ-6210176A. It is about 2 1/2 inches shorter than the rocker that you will need for your 66

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