68/69 lower dash - did they all match the body color?

Discussion in 'Ranchero History' started by Boiler92, Sep 10, 2022.

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    I'm considering going ahead and replacing the upper padded dash with my refurbished one and while I'm at it replacing the heater core and pulling and painting the lower dash.

    It was originally gold and now it is red. I was thinking about painting it black, like the rest of the interior, so it can go with any body color later.

    Were any like that from the factory or were they all body color?
  2. Jeff B.

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    I’m going by memory from the 68 I had in high school (only 45 years ago). The body was bronze but I’m confident the lower dash was not. IIRC, the dash pad was black and lower panel was cream and closely matched or at least complemented the parchment vinyl seat.
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