'70s full size LTD parts

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    Joe (Landyacht) and I are stripping down the '76 Large Thirsty Dog for its parts, both to fix the Bear, and ones not usable on a Galaxie are for sale.

    -complete non-door header panel, can include trim bezels, headlight buckets, grille, turn signal lenses and housings for a nice package price, or bare header panel $60+ shipping and handling, corner housings $15 each, turn signal lenses $60 each or both for $100, headlamp buckets $10 each, $17 for two or all four for $30, grille $30

    -trunk lid, no hinges or lock, but latch included, $30. Has rust on the underside of the lower lip.

    -taillights, with garnish trims, $60 each or $100 for both

    There are other items, that I'll list up later, so keep your eyes peeled.
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