Add on overdrive & beefed up Ford transmissions

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  1. ThirdTimer

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    Hey y'all!

    I was researching overdrive transmission options for my '77, and I came across this:

    There's a longish video that discusses various shifter options here:

    Essentially this is an overdrive unit that bolts onto the back of the transmission. Drops the ratio by 22% when engaged, and adds some 'split shifting' options for you performance types. It isn't cheap, but definitely is a cool new option to think about!

    And it works with the overdrive trannys as well, giving you even more 'gears' to play with!. I could have used this on my '02 Dodge van when pulling the trailer... my transmission probably would have lasted longer.

    They apparently have C6, AOD, & other trannys for sale too (and an AOD conversion kit for Mustangs - not sure how well that translates to Rancheros). If you want a beefed up transmission, there are several performance levels to choose from:

    Just thought I'd share! :D
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  2. Giska1

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    Arendal, Norway
    Thanks for sharing. Looks like a good option for the C6 for me if i'm going big on cui and HP :cool:
  3. jeff931

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    I looked into this GearVendors overdrive for my C6; it's $3200 for my C6!!! :eek:

    I could buy three AOD's for that price!
  4. 5.0 Chero

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    Prunetucky California
    I just sold one a while back...$800

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