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Discussion in 'Rancheros For Sale' started by Michael A, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. Michael A

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    Hi, We're thinking about selling our 79 Ranchero and hoping for a little advice from the forum about pricing.
    We're in Virginia.
    I've been through the ads on the forum, and I'm thinking around $5000?
    The good: Second owner [bought in 1986]. Clean title. Just under 100k miles. Always starts and runs great. Well maintained, but not kept showroom, actually used as a truck. Unrestored, but still looks pretty darn nice. Only changes have been: bore 351 Cleveland to 400, add GT stickers [both these done ~20 years ago], and repaint the bed more recently. A/C and heat work. Edelbrock carb.
    The not so good: The truck has not always been garaged, and is starting to show some rust. This is main reason to sell, we don't have enough garage space. There is a small star-shaped crack in the windshield from recent gravel attack. The left turn signal lens cover fell off last year and I haven't been able to find a replacement [the triangle-shaped cover- let me know if you know where to find one!], right now light is covered with tape. Interior has the usual crack in dashboard and steering wheel. I've tried to attach thumbnails to include the cosmetic issues.
    Please email if you have advice, are interested in buying, or need better quality pics:
    20190820_124337.jpg 20190820_124252.jpg 20190820_124317.jpg 20190820_123934.jpg 20190820_123834.jpg 20190820_124458.jpg 20190820_124421.jpg 20190820_124007.jpg 20190820_123845.jpg 20190820_123829.jpg
  2. Doc76251

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    Virginia Beach, VA
    WOW! Is that an original KRACO tape deck!?!?!?

    I'm in VA Beach and I got my '77 for $4K (PO advertised for $8K, I think I paid $1K too much) with a fresh $1K paint job and decent documentation of history and mild upgrades. Can't help on price, I've seen worse than yours locally for $2K and a garage kept one for $7K. I'd suspect that you are in the middle as is. That said if you decide to part out I am interested in a great many of your interior parts.


  3. Michael A

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    Thanks Doc. She runs too well to part out! I'll probably post her on Craigslist for $4000 and see what happens...

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