Another new guy here, with a 1957 Ford Ranchero

Discussion in 'New Member Welcome Center' started by PaulDobbin, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. PaulDobbin

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    I'm a long time Ford guy with 1934 Ford V8's. My daily driver, a 1981 El Camino has been replaced by a Canadian made 57 Ranchero. I'm looking for links to parts and services pertaining to my new driver.
    This is a slightly modified Ranchero that looks stock, but still a Ford V8. I hope to learn a lot here.
    Like how to post a picture, parts supplies, rallies, tours, etc.
  2. LSChero

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    Area 6 NV
    Welcome Paul!Craigs list,Ebay for used parts,Macs,Dennis Carpenter for repops.
  3. FordR500GT

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    On the text entry box (where you type) CLICK ON "UPLOAD A FILE" and find the pictures you want to upload. You may have to resize them. There are websites that do that for you

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