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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by plumcolr, Jul 11, 2020.

  1. plumcolr

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    Freehold NJ
    with .22LR conversions for various and sundry handguns / AR style rifles?
    An uncle had one on a 1911, but being it was around 1950, I was too young to pay much attention. Am interested in how well they function, figuring you'd need to go thru a lot of ammo to save any serious money.
    OTOH, could have a 1-lane range in my garage.
  2. 72GTVA

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    I have a Kimber conversion for a 1911 Government Model (Colt Mk IV Series 70) - When it is warm weather it works very well with extremely good accuracy - when it is cold it won't chamber the rounds from cold shrinkage, the chamber is too tight. Avoid the Kimber Conversion unless you learn they fixed the metallurgy.

    I've seen the Advantage Arms installed and in use at the range - the owner stated his didn't seem to have issues with cold weather.
  3. R.C.Heli Pilot

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    I have a Marvel .22 conversion I use on my Kimber 1911
    The only reason I bought the conversion is because I used to shoot in a Bulls Eye league
    and I wanted to use the same gun (trigger pull) to practice with

    I have seen several different brands and have shot a few of them
    most of the better known manufactures work well

    personally I havent used it in years
    I am just lazy I dont want to change it back and forth
    so I just take a couple of .22s and some others when I go shooting

    I also have the s&w m&p AR-15-22 well worth the money lots of fun and a lot of the parts will interchange with my/most Ar 15s
    again I just dont want mess with swapping out the conversions

    I go shoot get home and clean them done !

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