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  1. Shrek

    Shrek Guest

    Why can't we select an avatar from our own computer??? I've either got to photobucket it and link to it...which I've not figured out how to do yet..which sucks or be stuck with one of those standard avatars which also suck.

    There oughta be a way to easily load up an avatar offa our computers.
  2. Sir it's just like the regular pictures. This site can't host 'em so they need to be set up somewhere else. They're referenced just like regular photos so make sure you size it right.
  3. As Is '66

    As Is '66 2 Wheeled Mod Staff Member

    Southwest Georgia
    Shrek,I never got it either???
    But I have a freind named Sarah who helped me,just ask her...
  4. Bob Hardie

    Bob Hardie In Fourth Gear

    York Haven, Pa.
    I'll host your picture for you if you want. Just e-mail it to me and I'll get it on my Comcast site, and send you the link back.
  5. sarah

    sarah Pic Moderator Staff Member

    Shrek send me your picture... :D :D
  6. lars

    lars Guest

    I finaly figured out how to put my avitar up.
    I first had a huge picture up untill i figured out how to upload a smaller version on photo bucket. :D :D :D

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  7. rohojo1

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  8. rayell

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  9. You fail that test, what the bejeezus is that?
  10. nsr

    nsr Guest

    FF- Baseball Furys- The Warriors
  11. Nope. I don't keep up with you young'ns, no idea what you're talking about.
  12. The Warriors..one of the great classic movies...

    "Warriors..come out to plaaayyaayyyyyyy" and no i dont me that God Awful remake
  13. huh? what?
  14. Dan the ranchero man

    Dan the ranchero man MODERATOR Staff Member

    Mchenry , IL
    I remember that movie! ( I don't see many so It shouldn't be hard to remember)
  15. I tried, but I can't muster any recollection of that movie at all. I looked it up on the internet and it looks lame. Nice avatar though.
  16. nsr

    nsr Guest

    It's not really lame.....maybe alittle handicaped....when I saw it YEARS ago ,I had abit of a "mind adjustment" happening then, if you know what I mean. The baseball furys (avatar) was the best part IMO.
  17. OK I'll take your word for it. Classic, sort of a cult classic thing then. I loved it.
  18. i think it was 1979..a different time to be sure.. loved the characters..
  19. Hyrb

    Hyrb Guest


    and the Eagles, Damn I miss college when all I had to do was maintain that 2.0

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