Blindly stumbled upon some real Cobras and GT 350s

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    I thought I lost the attached photos when I had to replace my phone. Fortunately I didn't, and I thought I'd post them here and share the story behind them (or at least what I remember).
    It's my contribution to your quarantine misery. And away we go....
    I do some volunteer work at an animal rescue and was walking one of the dogs before an adoption event. I just happened to spot a couple of Shelby Mustangs pulling into the paring lot of a garage that I had past countless times in the past. I always assumed it was a place that worked on BMWs, as there was a BMW sign out front and I didn't see any other auto logos.

    Well, when I got to the garage, there were several GT350s and a couple of 500 KRs in the parking lot. Most notable of them were the two here. The one on the left was real and was raced in it's day (details escape me). The one on the right was one of two cars Shelby used to train new owners.
    I assume that was an option when you bought one????

    I recall looking at a few other Shelby's (can't recall how many were real) and struck up a conversation with a guy there. Apparently it was just a "get together" of some "car guys".

    He then show's me what's being stored in the garage...

    The white one is Herby Hancock's. The story behind it is that he paid cash for it new. It was at a Ferrari dealership and the salesman made a comment to the affect that either he couldn't afford it, or it was too much car for him (maybe both), but the next day Hancock came back with cash and said "Get my car, bitch." Okay, I made up the 'bitch' part, but the first part is how I recall the story. If you google it, the full story is out there. I think Jay Leno's Garage did something on it.

    One of the red ones ( I think the one with the white stripes) was one of the last Cobras built and was built for Warner Brother's Studios for a movie they were making. Apparently the movie was never made, but it was built with 2 four barrel carbs and the hood wouldn't close because of the carbs.

    Damn I wish I could remember this better.....this is how rumors and stuff start.

    In any case, enjoy the pics. The last time I went by the garage, it looked different - like it had changed hands. It's Check Point Automotive. Below is a link to it and some other people's pics. IMG_0316.JPG IMG_0317.JPG IMG_0318.JPG IMG_0319.JPG IMG_0320.JPG IMG_0321.JPG IMG_0322.JPG!8m2!3d34.0029008!4d-118.4295234
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    Nor Cal
    Cool shop to have nearby.
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    Almost like that shop owner is a collector. Although, if I owned a shop, I WOULD NOT keep my collection at the shop.

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