Bracket for blower motor?

Discussion in 'Ranchero Tech Help' started by abrewsterarchitect, Sep 3, 2017.

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    Hi Guys,
    im knee deep in a 73 rebuilding project and i've come across an issue. I am looking to install a new blower motor for the ac, but since my car had nothing down there i had to scavenge most parts needed. However, i found that there is supposed to be a bracket in the AC blower housing and the blower motor is mounted into this bracket. Anyone have any idea how to find this, or maybe have another solution to this problem?
    thanks in advance, Allan

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    D'oh! I had to replace mine, as someone mangled the original one (please don't ask me how). I lucked into a '78 T-bird years ago, and managed to get a bunch of parts for Babe. Nowadays, I can't find any suitable cars in the Pick n Nose yards.

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