Brake pad replacement

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    Am getting input from 2 different sources about replacing pads. One says crack the bleeder screw, compress caliper, tighten bleeder, theory being crap in caliper will be expelled prolonging caliper life. Other says don't bother, just a risk of snapping bleeder.

    Have done quite a few over the last 50 years, never cracked the bleeder screw this way. Never seemed to have issues. Are there some vehicles which require this, either for crud in the caliper or upstream hydraulic issues (ABS controller, etc)?
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    Never push the pistons in with ABS; even if it normally doesn't run risk of a problem, the one that does have a problem is very expensive to fix. With standard brake hydraulics, just remember that the big piston makes the really high pressure against the small piston's seals. So if you don't open the bleeder, GO VERY SLOW in pushing the piston back, and only just enough to be able to remove the caliper and pads. Then use a screw-type tool (I use a C-clamp), and go very slowly.
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