C6 Floor Shifter Rod

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    It seems that almost every time you find a good floor shifter for an automatic that the rod is either missing or has been cut in half by some jackass in the salvage yard, I;ve made several of them using this technique and would like to pass it on,, Not hard to do or expensive to make,, THis is a finished one with attaching hardware. You will need a FOrd Factory Floor Shifter lever for this to work correctly.
    A view from the top.
    The plan to make the rod/lever is pictured below.
    THe job is relatively easy , A couple bends and 2 well placed holes will get it done, I have run this type of shift rod on my Ranchero for over 10 years and absolutely no problems,, You do have to be very careful making the second hole on the rod or it will need to be redone ,,SO it pays to be cautious and take your time.
    Start with the flatstock and cut to length and and mark bends at areas noted in plan. Drill the first hole in one end and attach to trans temporarily ,,, Install a pin in the unused hole on the transmission or shifter lever,,, Now keeping the the rod square scratch it over the pin to leave a scribed mark on the rod..Center Punch and drill the hole after verifying the dimension, Install pins, washers, and clips at both ends to verify the alignment,,,,

    List of materials
    1) a peice of flatstock 17 1/2" x 3/4" x 3/16"
    2) 2 1/4" clevis pins
    3) 2 clips as shown
    4) 2 1/4" washers

    Fabrication notes
    1) Allow 1 material thicknes per bend(Example) If its 3/16" material make your dimension that much longer.
    2) Allow a little more material for cutting approxamately 1/8"
    Hopefully if you decide to do this the pic can be uploaded and enlarged ,, If not I can pass the dimensions on through an email or on the site here,,,
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