Clutch and pressure plate for '64 170 ci 3 speed $50 or trade

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    This NOS clutch pressure plate, and either a spacer or throw out bearing is from the early 80's and was for a 64 1/2 Mustang w/ 170 ci I6 and 3 speed. Other than 64 Falcons w/ 170/3 spd, I have no idea what else it might fit. I've been moving it around the garage/attic for around 10 years now and have no use for it, so hopefully somebody here does. I have no idea what brand it is, the box is plain except for CA60013 printed on one flap. It does have made in the USA stamped on the friction plate. I haven't priced a new one, but I'm thinking $50 + the ride should be reasonable. If not, make an offer, and I'm also open to trades. I also have a second clutch, but it's not in the box, the spacer/bearing is missing, and there is some rust on the fingers. If it cleans up I'll post it to. 20181029_205804.jpg

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