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Discussion in 'General Ranchero Help' started by Dark Side Tom, Mar 5, 2019.

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    Removed and repaired my clutch pedal bumper on my '64 Ranchero.

    It bolts into the swing pedal assembly with a short carriage bolt.

    My pedal is now just right and sits nearly level with the brake pedal pad.

    The bumper pad is riveted into the bracket. I dremelled off the rivet head and then bolted on a hard plastic block using the rivet hole.

    The frame hole for the carriage bolt is a rectangular hole that allows some up/down adjustment.

    Really a PIA to cram yourself in there to remove and replace the bumper bracket. Find a skinny 130 pound friend to do it for you!

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    I'm 6'6" and 425...I just lay across the seat and work upside-down!

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