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    I have a 78 as well, doing the same upgrades as well except the bags. As far as control arms Little Shop Manufacturing makes a uppr tubalar. For lowers I dont belive there are any but Rare Parts reproduces the lowers. I have a set of those and quality is nice. They sell fast, if out of stock call them and they will give you a production date. I cant recall if you can order and be on a backorder list, they are good to work with. They also have some other hard to find items for 77-79's. As you are doing a frame off, what are you using for body bushings?
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    For body bushings I'm taking note of a guy on the following site:
    I ordered the complete set of body bushings for a '08 Crown Vic off of,1440032,body+&+lamp+assembly,body+mount,673

    I've not installed them yet. But I've cut one down to size and test fit the one and it all looks to be legit so far.

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