Dearborn Classics: Beware

Discussion in 'Seller Feedback' started by 60To63Ranchero, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. 60To63Ranchero

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    Houston, Texas
    Dearborn Classics is certainly a valuable source of repro parts that are hard to find anywhere else, but a word of caution.

    I recently decided to put a round-body Ranchero-correct V-8 radiator into my '62, which had been overheating. Dearborn Classics had one that looked like it would work - it was wider and taller than the stock radiator but the photo clearly showed the radiator outlet on the driver's side, which fit my 200 cid six. When I received the radiator, the outlet was on the passenger side.

    I called Dearborn Classics and they weren't very sympathetic ... they told me that the photos displayed with the online catalog items were "generic photos" and were "not the actual item being sold." There is no disclaimer on the web site to this effect, and I wish I had known this before ordering the radiator. Now I have to cobble up a 36" combination of hoses to go from the passenger side radiator outlet to the driver's side water pump inlet.

    Bob the Builder
  2. parts4me

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    Wow, what a cop out. "Generic picture". Come on.
  3. kirksss32

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    had simler problems with them,,, found out that dearborn classics is nothing more than a catlog out let supplyer......
  4. Rancherous

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    Buffalo, NY
    I suggest you try Macs Antique Auto Parts. You can call and talk to someone and they will not lead you wrong. They are a local business here and the owners are super nice people. I am sure they would have returned it for you.
  5. scbarger

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    Most of the time the pic are always that way in a catalog and should never be 100% trusted. I like using Melvin's Classic Ford because they are smaller and if you need to you can talk to Melvin himself and the man has a world of knowledge.
  6. bscottie

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    always call if in doubt or there could be some difference, MOST all internet suppliers use some generic photos, Most all also indicate same, frustrating no matter what
  7. As Is '66

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    Southwest Georgia
    I sure hate that you were disappointed with your purchase of a wrong part fer your Ranchero...
    They won`t return your money if you return the radiator???
    However I`m glad it was NOT me...
    I bought my radiator from Auto Zone...
    Nope I`m NOT advertising fer these YaY-Hoos, they don`t support local events with merchandise donations for doorprizes...
    Better Luck in the future,
  8. DonC

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    Gonzales Louisiana
    I ordered glass from them on 12 July. Still hasn't showed up. The only note on the order is, "parts ordered from vendors may take more time for delivery". I am not in a real hurry for my glass so haven't yet complained to them. Seems to me though they could give a little more information on how much, "more time" really means. My other parts did show up pretty quickly. Keep in mind they are now a part of Ecklers. Good or bad I don't know. I know Ecklers has been around a long time. I ordered Corvette parts and Camaro parts years ago from them.
  9. 5.0 Chero

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    Return it and eat the shipping charges if you looked at the radiators in their on line catalog you would notice that they use the same pictures...

    Have a local radiator shop put a thick core on to your tanks

    No Hassle Returns

    You may return any part within 30 days from the original ship date (Foreign customers have 60 days to return parts).
    There is no need to call for authorization. Complete the form on the back side of your invoice and include it with the parts being returned, cutting out and taping the return label to the box. Allow up to 3 weeks from date of shipment for processing refunds and exchanges.
    Refunds will be issued in the form of original payment.
    • Parts must be returned in the original packaging within 30 days of invoice date for a refund of purchase price.
    • Parts returned within 30 days not in the original packaging are subject to a 25% restocking fee.
    • Parts returned after 30 days in original packaging are subject to a 25% restocking fee.
    • Parts returned after 30 days not in new condition or not in original packaging will be returned to the customer at customer's expense.
    • No returns will be accepted after 60 days.
    • No returns on special orders or personalized items.
    • No returns on any exhaust products after installation.
    • No returns on electrical products, computer chips, scanners, tools, books, videos or CD's.
    • No returns of a partial kit or set, parts will be returned back to the customer at the customer's expense.
    • Parts returned without customer number, address and invoice number will not be processed for a refund or exchange and will be disposed of in 30 days.
    Note: Return packages must be sent shipping charges prepaid. COD packages will not be accepted. It is recommended that all returns be insured and shipped with a carrier providing a method of tracking in the event the shipment is lost or damaged.
    Please return all merchandise to the following address:
    Dearborn Classics
    5225 S. Washington Ave.
    Titusville, FL. 32780
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  10. Denny

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    near Jackson, TN
    I don't blame any business for that because they get swamped with requests, but............Autozone sponsors and hosts a car show for our car club every year. They furnish the trophies and door prizes. Our car club gets all of the entry fee money to do whatever we want with it. Maybe it's just the manager.
  11. andrewok1

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    ocala ,florida
    Dearborn classics have very rude people working there ,As posted they will take back anything they sold as long as its with in 30 day window . Dearborn and Macs& EKLERS are linked together s Macs is easier to deal with ,I had my go around in the two plus years of doing my 72,/ANDY
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  12. dave r

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    Just got off the phone with them. Sent an order back because it was cheap junk. said I didn't want it. Month later I get a new one.
  13. Jeff B

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    I ordered some rubber parts and a battery tray from them. The rubber was OK, but the battery tray was cheap. They did not even want the part back and issued a credit, was not worth shipping it back. Seems I have to ask where the stuff is made before I order.
  14. Sophie948

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    Bummer. That BS about a generic photo is rather disgusting.

    I've ordered stuff from them and had very good luck. Wondering if one must rely on luck when ordering from them.

    PS to Jeff: I've found that I've always got to ask where something was made no matter who I'm dealing with and no matter what it is I'm after. The Chinese won't have to invade us; they've bought us, and our economy has become totally dependent upon Chinese goods.
  15. Jeff B

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    I had actually asked them about the battery tray in an email that was never answered. The first catalog I ordered when I got my Ranchero was Ecklers and I learned a lot from it. But I find I am doing more research when I order anything from anybody. I don't have to have NOS parts, but I don't have much patience for junk. Another "peeve" I have about them is no matter how small the part ordered, they will not charge less than 9.99 to ship it. That ain't right.
  16. Jimbob


    Ill second that ...just dealt with these guys, ordered my new seat covers for the '73, arrived just this week...had a slight problem with my card not validating, but they were helpful and efficient getting the problem dealt with.
  17. MaxInValrico

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    Dearborn and Mac's are both owned by Ecklers.
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  18. Robbtroy

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    San Angelo, Texas
    Dearborn Classics used to operate out of a shop in Orange County, Ca. and had a much larger selection of parts, it was pretty cool back then, they were bought out and now operate out of Florida.......
  19. cbolt

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    Palm Coast, FL
    Ive had nothing but good luck with Dearborn... I have ordered a lot of parts and they all come in a box marked "MAC's" or "Ecklers" and from what I understand that is a good thing.
  20. grebaba

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    I ordered two lenses for my park lights and a couple of plugs from them. The quality was very good but they charged me $30.00 to ship it ground.
    The package weighed less then a pound.
    They sent me a e mail to rate their products and I gave an honest rating but complained about the shipping cost.
    I got another e mail 2 days later saying the moderators had disapproved my rating.
    They used to be a good company but I will no longer buy from them and I have been a customer since 95 or 96.

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