Dearborn Classics: Beware

Discussion in 'Seller Feedback' started by 60To63Ranchero, Aug 21, 2012.

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    I have had the same thing with shipping charges ,they get over mostlybecause not many other places carry items the do any more , ANOTHER CHAULK MARK ON THE WALL , :)
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    Years ago I ordered a white convertible boot for my 70 Torino. It was cut wrong and didn't fit where the factory snaps on the inner, rear panels were located. I sent it back and they sent another...same problem.
    I sent that one back and also sent them pictures of how the one they sold me fit and where it was cut incorrectly along with a picture of an original boot and how it should fit.

    The reply I got was so was along the lines of "Well we don't make them, we get them from a supplier and they say it should fit." WTF? I just sent you clear pictures of what it should look like and how it should fit, and you're telling me the vendor is still right?

    They refunded my money and sent a free t-shirt, but that reply will always be in my mind when looking for parts.

    I eventually got a correct fitting boot from AutoKrafters.

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