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Discussion in 'Ranchero Vin Decoder/Production Numbers' started by JackFox, Feb 19, 2020.

  1. JackFox

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    Hello. I tried doing it myself, but with the list available it unfortunately didnt help me much. Heres my door stickers infos:

    Color: 46GW
    DSO: 16
    Body: 97K
    Trim: CR
    SCH. Date: 11L
    Axle: 6
    Trans: U
    A/C: A

    Would be great if someone could decode me all these things. Its a 1977 Ranchero :)

    Sincerely Alex
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  2. JackFox

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    No one ? :(
  3. RickMc

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  4. 1979 RANCHERO GT

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    Here you are Alex, Color 46GW= 46 Dark Jade Metallic, GW = White Odense grain vinyl top. DSO 16= Philadelphia. 97K= Ranchero Squire. CR= Jade vinyl and cloth interior. 11L= Scheduled Build date Nov. 11,1976. Axle 6= 3.00 non locking. Trans U= C6. This information is from the Ford Master Parts Catalog.

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