Details for Daytona Ranchero Round up

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by paxpwr, Feb 13, 2020.

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    would like info on vendor, show and car sales if poss., motel info, camper info. Registration info. As a first time entrant, what all do I need to do? I have a 20ft enclosed trailer full of parts, mostly 68/9 Ranchero, but also 71-3Mustang, 80s Mustang (most NOS)80's Ranger (most NOS). Lots of collectables, mostly Mustang and Ford from anniversary shows ( steins. Jim Beam Mustang decanters. caps, shirts, jackets, coats, watches, pins, jewelry,more) 68-9 bed camper cover, crawl thru. 68 Shelby remote control drag racer (SIGNED BY CARROL SHELBY). Too much to list all Point is I will need a good size space, especially if I bring my 69 Ranchero restomod (427)to sell. I guess I am asking for advice from some veterans of this show. I am in north Georgia and its a long drive for an 84yr old car nut without any info on what to do and expect. I am rambling-----any of you can call Don Perry at 770-617-0263 with info or questions
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    Sutherlin, OR
    Would you happen to have a GT Package Horn Pad, for a 69?
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    Link to the site for registration. There should also be links to the local things like hotels, etc. on the site.

    I have been going for years, but never as a vendor only as a participant. There are different gates for different things like a vendor gate, another for car corral vehicles, and one or more for participants.

    Please pm me if you need any more information that I can research from down here.

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