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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Rancherous, Apr 22, 2011.

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    I am going to Start adding User Tags to your user names when you Donate to the website. I started this from Jan 1st 2011. There are 2 members who have not received the tag because the Email address on Pay Pal does not match the Email listed on the Forum. So please if you do not have the SAME Email address listed in Pay Pal and the Forum PLEASE attach a note to the Pay Pal Donation with your Forum user name so I can add your tag. These two members can contact me and I will add the tag to the users names. I will not be updating the Donating Members List anymore as the Tag will replace the thread. I hope you all know your donations are appreciated and help with the costs of the site, domain name registrations, and web server costs. I do not make a dime on the site but just like to recoup some of my money spent on keeping this site up and running. Thanks and Help If you Can. Thanks Billy

    Here is how the Tags work:

    0-24.99 Bronze Supporter
    25-49.99 Silver Supporter
    50-99.99 Gold Supporter
    100+ Platinum Supporter

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