Drive 'em! (plus Pics)

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by beerbelly, Dec 29, 2018.

  1. beerbelly

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    Portland OR
    Having a few beers on a rainy Oregon day, remembering this summer's road trip. It was a real bucket list highlight for an old-timer like me.

    I highly recommend getting those old Rancheros out on the road, because a road trip in a 1960's or 1970's Ranchero is WAY more adventurous (on many levels) than a cushy trip in a modern appliance. Think "Roadkill" mentality, and try to prepare for the worst; if everything goes OK that day, it's cause for celebration and beer! And more beer after that.

    Here's some more of the stuff you can see out there (and yes, antelopes playing!):

    IMG_9321.JPG IMG_9344.JPG IMG_9350.JPG IMG_9323.JPG IMG_9196.JPG IMG_9241.JPG IMG_9346.JPG IMG_9359.JPG IMG_9442.JPG IMG_9488.JPG
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  2. 72GTVA

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    Chesapeake, VA
    I'm betting you had a lot of fun ridin' that dinosaur in the last pick - with or without a beer...
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  3. plumcolr

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    Freehold NJ
    Looks like a good time!
  4. TestDummy

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    This was actually funny. I think someone hacked Dan's account.
  5. cbolt

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    Palm Coast, FL
    I love that you drive your car. In my mind that is the most pure way to enjoy a classic car. The road trip experience is just that, and experience. I am considering getting one of those mini travel trailers to tow behind mine specifically for road trips.
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  6. Dan the ranchero man

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    Mchenry , IL
    This is one of the great joys I get from my ranchero (s). The wife and I do the fairlane nationals every year. That takes us on a nice road trip every year and yes going out in a 40 + year old car does add some "adventure" to our trips. I would not give it up for anything! I see to many nice cars on trailers going to these events. When I tell I drive I get mixed reactions. Everything from "cool" to "your out of your mind" and ""your wife must really love you" Thanks for sharing your photos! Take care dan
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