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    There is a classic car scrap yard near me that has a lot of similar style fords (Torino, cougar, fairlane) in what should be compatible years, haven’t made it out yet to check for rust/rot but before I go, what years and models will have similar floor pans to a 1973 ranchero for a one piece repair?

    passenger side front and rear are significantly rotted out, rest of the body seems solid throughout.

    I figure would be easiest to cut/ weld the entire passenger side as a unit than to do it piecemeal

    any feedback?
  2. 72GTVA

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    Floorpan '72 - '79 Torino/Ranchero/LTD II/Ford-Mercury Intermediate models are pretty much the same through the key areas, you might have to add a two or three inch band depending on 2 or 4 door length floor pan, typically at the seam between the storage area and the cab area assuming you get a full floor pan.
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  3. 1979 RANCHERO GT

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    '72-'79 Continental Mark IV and Mark V are based on the Torino Intermediate body and use the same floor pan.
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    The wagons are the closest, as both shared body panels to save money.

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