FunFordWeekend,Bristol Dragway June 29-30,2012

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  1. Rods N Restos

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    South Jersey
    Fun Ford Weekend is coming back full swing for 2012 with 12 events
    Bunch of guys from the grantorinosport forum are thinking of attending the
    one in Bristol,TN on June 29 & 30th ,2012 at Thunder Valley,Bristol Dragway
    It's an All Ford event with Car Show,Drag Racing,Swap Meet and Venors.

    Tim Lopota is gonna be coordinating the show for Bristol Dragway and he is the guy who formerly put on the Forge Invitational Muscle Car Show in Tennessee.
    There won't be a Forge Show for 2012, so after finding out about this event
    we're thinking this would be a great event to attend as it isn't just a car show where you just walk arod looking at cars as there will be Ford's drag racing,swap meet to buy or sell parts and vendors.

    It's early in the planing but just wanted to post about it as the 2012 FunFord Weekend schedule is out and this is one of the events that the guys want to attend and have a gathering at ,so would be great to get a bunch of the Ford Vehicle Internet Forums membets to bring some kewl Fords to the event.
    Dan the Ranchero Man attended the Forge Show in September with the other Gran Torino guys and had a good time and being this event is All Ford it would be great to attend with or without your Ranchero's
    Some members might have thier vehicles in progress,so that's why i'm posting this now to put it on your calendars for next year on a event to attend if you can.

    I will post more links in January when they get the new website for the show up and going
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  2. Hillbilly

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    Winchester, TN.
    Thanks for the head's up ! Have you heard any mention of Dickie Brannan doing another "All Ford South" gathering as he has in the past ? I always got tied up tending to Dad's cars but I'd like to take something of my own now that his rides are sorted out properly.
  3. hawk

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    You're in for a full weekend.With the economy the way it is it's been slow the last few years.They keep adding things tho and improving every year.I like driving on the Parkway and going in to Bristol to look at all the cool antiques in town.Hopefully the economy will be better next year. Maybe not,I forgot Allah Bama is still in office.
  4. Rods N Restos

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    South Jersey
    Well the Fun Ford Weekend is different then the shows at Bristol the past few years as this series ended I think in 2008 or 09. The Series was brought back in 2011 under new ownership and management with 5 events and with that success they are expanding to 12 events in 2012.

    The previous couple of years events at Bristol have been track only promoted and co ordinated events
    This Series is Sponsored by Ford Racing,Roush Yates and JE Pistons and there is marketing & promotion by Forward Sports Marketing and also tge Individual tracks where they are held who are resposible for putting on thier own event at each track but with the support from the Sponsors and Event Series.
    You can read about it here
  5. Rods N Restos

    Rods N Restos In Overdrive

    South Jersey
    This event has been locked in for 2012 by the Gran Torino forum and already have about 7-8 members respond that they will be there.This is a National Event and will not only serve for one forum members to get together we want all the Ford related forums to participate.It.s not about who's forum is better and rivalry.To us it's about Supporting the Ford brand not only the classics but modern muscle as well.
    Hope some of you can make it especially you Tennessee guys as you don't have as far to travel.

    We are trying to get this posted on as many Ford Forums as possible and all are encouraged to go
    Just trying to help spread the word as I am a member of several Ford forums and they benifit every Ford Enthusiests in the Nation and Globally.
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  6. vmaxman

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    Pikeville, North Carolina
    Planning for FunFord Weekend / Bristol

    I just came home from Afghanistan after being gone a year.
    Since getting home and getting used to my routine, I saw the post about the event and want to bring my 73 Ranchero 500 to the event.

    I have never been to an event with my car(s), but I'd like to meet some of you guys there.

    I may be interested in selling my car--maybe...:D
    Does anyone have experience selling a nice car at one of these events?
    I would think at minimum I should bring:

    1) The title
    2) Receipts for the things I did to the car

    Anyone have any recommendations?


    I'm in North Carolina...

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