Garaged since 1978 the add said???

Discussion in 'Ranchero Pics' started by UK 72Ranchero, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. azcolin

    azcolin In Maximum Overdrive

    tony ???? or did tony [UKranchero] have a 1970 ???
    if it is tony, how are you doing mate????
  2. UK 72Ranchero

    UK 72Ranchero In First Gear

    My 03 stang is stick shift and I have no problems shifting, thats because I'm ambi ambydec ambi s@i7!? I can use both hands... no seriously I had an elder brother who use to buy all sorts of American motors off returning servicemen who where stationed on Burtonwood airbase way back in late 60s/70s so jumping in and out of left and right hand drive cars became second nature, on our motorways it does have its benifits, as everyone hangs right to see passed the car in front, I just stay left to see up the inside ahaa. regards the cowl being sealed. considering what I paid for her, underneath and everywhere else shes like a 3 year old car, I've pulled the exhaust boxes of her today the only rot I've found, even nuts and bolts coming of clean, places were i've expected some rust like in my 68 fastback not a trace will get some better photos of under the hood and the like, I feel so proud and lucky to own this classey hauler (this weekends todo is waxoyling inside all panels before winter kicks in):)
  3. UK 72Ranchero

    UK 72Ranchero In First Gear

    Sorry Colin its not Tony, I use to work with a Tony with a 70chero in the Warrington area about 5/6 years ago, Graeme...
  4. 5.0 Chero

    5.0 Chero Bahumbug Staff Member

    Prunetucky California
    Did it look like this? I think he was from Barnsley, United Kingdom
  5. UK 72Ranchero

    UK 72Ranchero In First Gear

    could'nt really say, as never got to see Tony's chero in the short time we worked together as he was having trans problems and we use to talk motors to while away the boring night/shifts......
  6. azcolin

    azcolin In Maximum Overdrive

    sorry for the mix up Graeme,
    tony also had a granada ghia coupe,
    believe he worked for B.T. back then,
    nice guy,
    your chero looks great also,
  7. TestDummy

    TestDummy In Maximum Overdrive SILVER MEMBER

    I thought you and Tony were the same person?
  8. azcolin

    azcolin In Maximum Overdrive

    you have physiological problems sean
  9. ribald1

    ribald1 Banned PLATINUM MEMBER

    Yeah, psychological problems also, among other things. He lost a lot of weight during his last battle with Alzheimer's, though, so it looks like he will make it alright for the short term at least.
    We are all pulling for a full recovery just to keep his spirits up.
  10. pack

    pack In First Gear


    have a nice 79 if anyone needs one
  11. 2beast

    2beast In Third Gear

    Streator, Il
    That is a sweet 72 for sure. :cool:

    What do people think of it over the pond?

  12. UK 72Ranchero

    UK 72Ranchero In First Gear

    So far everyone has been blown away, you dont see many cheros over here and I think there's only a handfull of 72s throughout the UK so should be good if we can get together at one of our big shows next year :)
  13. Jimbob


    I usually have my Green '73 GT at Newark every July, Tatton park occasionally, and the odd Billing show...come say hi if you see it, if im not in the Ranchero, ill be in a yellow '73 Lincoln MK IV

    Regarding the light blue '70 chero Carl posted the pic of, spoke to this guy once at Newark a few years back, nice guy and a clean chero, sure i saw it up for sale a year or so ago, so not sure if he still has it.
  14. ForistellFord

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    Beautiful Foristell Missouri
    It does look great (over there, ha). Nope, I totally concur with your sentiment. Regardless of the year, it's nice to see a little evangelizing going round for our frankentrucks. Not a lotta love for them here.
  15. UK 72Ranchero

    UK 72Ranchero In First Gear

    Looking good to getting these GTs together then for next year, Tattons my local show and was with CJ last week. park these baby's up main stage area with his camino grand stand style great photo opp. Newark. not done Billing for a couple of years but did see in Classic American a John Wilson white /blue shelby striped 72 picked up a trophy Summer Nats this for Yellow Lincoln? was there with Yellow Stang...:)
  16. As Is '66

    As Is '66 2 Wheeled Mod Staff Member

    Southwest Georgia
    I`m glad you found the one you wanted and were able to obtain it...
    One more Ranchero documented in Ranchero statistics here at RancheroUSA...
  17. UK 72Ranchero

    UK 72Ranchero In First Gear

    Thanks Dennis, had time to look right through her and glad to say not a speck of rust anywhere, so everything getting a good waxoyling before winter sets in, paint good for now but will re do same as at a later date, do you need the vin # to help with your documentation Graeme

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