Great site.

Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by ClskMstg, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. ClskMstg

    ClskMstg Guest

    I just wanted to say what great experiences I've had using the site. The people are really positive, the help you get is really good quality informatiom. The users of the site really seem to be fantastic folks.

    So far - it's been a pleasure.

    Now that's off my chest - I'll never be positive again. hahaha...

  2. jackechilson

    jackechilson Guest

    Yes this is a very nice place the other site i used when folks ask for help they get comments like crush it part it sell it but above all dump it. Its a oldsmobile site haha.
  3. As Is '66

    As Is '66 2 Wheeled Mod Staff Member

    Southwest Georgia
    I`ve always been helped when I get one of those stubborne problems I can`t figure out myself...
    Good folks here will do what we can to help out...I`m addicted!!!
  4. BlueOvals

    BlueOvals In Maximum Overdrive

    Northern Ca.
    Yup, Andy, great bunch of folks here; glad you are joining us in the fun.
  5. eldanish

    eldanish Guest

    I've got a lot more help here than in my home country so lets have fun and do the sombrero rancho dance :D :cool: [​IMG] :rolleyes:
  6. sarah

    sarah Pic Moderator Staff Member

    its not always been like this..... truely
  7. Marauder359

    Marauder359 Guest

    Nope... it sure wasn't until the owner turned the board over to you.
  8. As Is '66

    As Is '66 2 Wheeled Mod Staff Member

    Southwest Georgia
    "Site feedback"...
    That IS this forum!!!

    When we got together at our ("First Ever")planned National RancheroUSA event, in Carlisle Pa. June 2007,at th ALL Ford Show we discussed some changes that should be made...

    These changes are finally coming...

    Thank You Billy!!!

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