Heater questions.

Discussion in 'General Ranchero Help' started by John Roman, Nov 22, 2016.

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    It depends on the person, the place and the time of year. I spent a miserable amount of time stuck in summer Sacramento standstill traffic. I wish I had AC back then because rolling the windows down was practically useless. There are other areas that are just as bad, some hotter.
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    Yes John, that is a vacume operated switch for the compressor clutch. Ford must have thought the A/C was capable of freezing the heater core because when the vacume lines are installed correctly you will notice the hot water valve is wide open. 70 and 71 are both set up this way. This water valve is the two port correct for 71. Ford had what at first glance looked like a Rube Goldberg nightmare running the A/C system, but after completely learning the system, it is very comprehensive in design. Various switches upstream controlled when power to the compressor clutch was available. I have a gripe with Vintage Air, most of their systems only recirculate the cabin air with no provision made for fresh outside air flow. Otherwise they are decent quality systems. Ranchero AC box 001.jpg
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    I had boughten a Vintage Air for my 63 Falcon convertible (To buy my Falcon my wife wanted air but didn't say it need to be installed) but it is the Gen3 so if I install it to stock Heater/Ac controls would be useless since the Gen3 uses 4 switches. I have that available if I chose to go that route. This vacuum stuff is crazy. plus finding the parts, I found the Heat control valve for $250 plus all the other stuff that was taken off I would need to find. I am trying to get my Ranchero to more of a stock look but I am not ever plan on entering in any show as Stock so Vintage Air seems to make for a better choice.

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