Hello all! Nice to be here! Owner of two 67 Ranchero's.

Discussion in 'New Member Welcome Center' started by Carnt5567, Nov 6, 2020.

  1. Carnt5567

    Carnt5567 In First Gear

    Hello! I own (2) 67 Rancheros, one was my father in laws first car and the other is a parts car/fixer upper..
  2. EvilScientistMoose

    EvilScientistMoose In Second Gear

    Central Oregon
    Hopefully the 'good' car still has a floor in it.

    I ended up with a '67 Ranchero about 30 years ago from the original owner, it only had 36K miles on it, drove amazing...but the entire floorboard was gone, the tunnel, everything all rusted out.

    The owner of a body shop ended up giving me three grand for the car...I only paid $300 for it...so I went ahead and let it go as my welding skills weren't anywhere good enough for me to want to tackle such a repair job.
  3. cbolt

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    Palm Coast, FL
    Welcome! Always good to see another '67 owner. Got any pics?
  4. Saff54

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    Welcome!I agree with Cbolt,nice to hear from another 67 owner,not many of us on the forum,maybe 7?hows the condition?pics always welcome

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