Hello, can you guys show me how to read my door badge, also a 79 GT with 351 M

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    Here is a picture attached. Is there a link to the color info. In case the picture did not come through,

    Would also appreciate any help in determining what the other door tag info on my 79 GT as well. I found the vin # info thanks a lot. But the other info I don't know about.

    vin is;9H48H103910
    The door tag info reads: Exterior Paint Color 5N, Body is 97R, VR is blank, MLDG is blank, Interior Trim is LT, A/C is A, R is blank, AX is B, TR is XBBAA and DSO is F0127/T0098

    Thanks in advance.


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    I'll get you this far on the VIN and tag:

    9 - 1979
    H - 351 V8
    48 - GT
    H - Lorain, OHIO, plant
    It is the 3,910 vehicle to roll off the line there (numbers were sequential across models)

    On your door tag, 71 DSO is Los Angeles, CA

    "A" air conditioning is factory installed

    For $46, Marti can decipher the whole thing for you and provide production statistics: http://www.martiautoworks.com/. Or you could email Dearborn Classics and ask them what exterior color and trim codes you have.

    You might also call Ford and ask for your 999 report, or production history report. Last number I had was 1-800-392-3673. This is a free service, last I knew.
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