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    Thank you to anyone that could help me on this. I have a 71 ranchero. It's been modified to be more of a street rod. The door sticker was removed when it was repainted. So here's what I found in the glove box. I believe I have many of the codes figured out, BUT..?

    The codes on the plate go as follows...typed out if my pic doesn't upload.

    1A47H167418 P 72
    66B ZR 09M 6 / W R

    I know how the vin works
    1971, Atlanta, 500 Body, 351c 2V, Unit production #
    P- Medium Green Metallic Paint ??? (would make sense, some new paint is flaking)
    72-Destination San Jose

    2nd line
    66B- Ranchero 500
    ZR- Trim Medium Green Cloth and Vinyl
    6- ??Rear Axle Ratio (maybe)
    W- C4 Transmission
    R- ??Rear Axle Ratio (maybe)

    If anyone has any insight I would appreciate it!

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    warranty plate key 01.jpg

    this any help?
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    Im sure these will help a lotta folks, Bradley.

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