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    If you haven't got this figured out yet, one thing you mentioned was the accelerator pump may be a little loose. That will give you a stumble every time. It should be set to have 10 to 15 thousands play at wide open throttle and have tension at idle so it squirts whenever the throttle is moved the tiniest bit and should squirt strong all the way through the shot.
    For the fast idle there is only one thing that makes them idle fast and that is getting air or air fuel mix with the throttle down. A couple ways this could happen, one is a vacuum leak, another is secondary throttle plates open to far, or primary throttle plates open to far. You stated you set the secondary and fixed vacuum leaks so that leaves primary. It could be held open by the cruise control so make sure it is loose with the throttle closed or the fast idle on the choke is keeping it from closing all the way. If one of these is not the culprit then it may take a more hands on approach than can be done online.. If you have already figured it out then never mind..
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    Wow, I forgot that I had a Carb specific post with a bunch of great info in it. Thank you all!!!!!

    I guess an update is in order. I ended up pulling the carb one afternoon that managed to be 75* (the day before was 32*F o_O ). I watered the weeds with gas when I flipped it over. Adjusted the secondary throttle screw to "just" begin to lift the plates, then adjusted the fast idle screw and primary idle screw so that I had my "square" pulled the accelerator pump (the screws holding it on were barley hand snug) diaphragm, spring, plate etc. all looked brand new. Snugged it back down and flipped the carb over, adjusted the pump arm to 0.0015" at WOT which took out the sloppiness. Turned the air/fuel screws all the way in and then turned them back 2.5 turns. Changed out the 37 shooter for a 32 with "horns" and reattached the carb. Bumped the motor over several times to prime the bowls. Low and behold she fired right up and just sat there and idled, didn't even sound like a top fuel dragster anymore. Adjusted the float levels to a hip bump fore n' aft. Set the vacuum to (what I thought was) best manifold pressure and stood back in amazement as she just sat there and purred.

    A buddy of mine came in from WA state to see his new Grandson and wanted to get out of the house and go see some local gun shops and cruse in my "Shaggin' Wagon". Discovered a few more issues in that you could smell raw fuel at idle (too rich). Oil pressure was doing funny things and there was valve train noise where there wasn't before. End result, found out the oil level was low, burned 2/3 of a tank of gas in 65 miles, I have blow by in both cylinder banks as there is oil in the PCV line and smoke/oil coming from the breather cap on the other valve cover. Idle is just a bit too low and/or I need to try a shooter with no horns as it will stall if you blip the throttle while in gear when its cold. Also discovered I don't have 3.73 gears in the back but more like 3.21 - 3.25. My transmission shifts way too soon so an adjustment to my vacuum modulator is in order (clockwise to stiffen and delay the shift) with a flat blade or 5/32" allen wrench. Additionally, I have discovered a coolant leak at the manifold and an oil leak at the back end of the motor, Yay Me!:oops:

    All in all things are much better and I am no longer chasing my tail, I just need some time to address the discovered issues and run a compression check (I really don't want to know what I know it's going to tell me :( ). I did manage to dial the fuel/air back a bit so the car doesn't stink like raw gas but I am loosing performance on launch hence my quandary with the shooter. All fun things to learn about and solve.

    Thanks again for all your input and keep the ideas coming!!!



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