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Discussion in 'Car and Home Audio' started by ramair428cjxr7, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. ramair428cjxr7

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    hey whats up? Im looking for a quality VINTAGE turntable for the house and a indash 8 track for my 72gts THANKS IN ADVANCE BUTCH
  2. brc

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    turn table

    I might have what you need as far as the turn table goes.
    I have a Technichs<spelling is off> but it is made by Panasonic.
    Anyway I have in storage right now.
    It came with twin cassette player, cd player,and a turn table. I never used the turn table, so even though its over 20 or 25 years old, the turn table is basically new.
    I wont be able to check it until next week, as I have to go out of town until Monday/Tues. but I will check and see if I still have it.
    When I check for it, I will send you a PM
  3. ramair428cjxr7

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    ok great sounds good

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