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    Hello all from Madison, Wisconsin! I joined the Ranchero club long ago, but finally got around to joining the forum. First Ranchero was purchased new by my grandpa, 1971 Special Edition, 302-2v and C6 auto. He daily drove it, then my dad took it to college, then I learned to drive on it when I was 13 hauling brush to the city dump. Dad upgraded to a 1972 GT 351 CJ and little red moved in with me about 10 years ago. Third generation, single family car and still gets driven all the time on sunny days.

    A couple years ago I got to dreamin' what the 1971 SE would've been like had grandpa ordered the 429 and a 4 speed.... Finally pulled the trigger and now I've got twins! They look almost identical, but I guess the shaker gives away the CJ. New (to me) Ranchero is a red 429 Ram Air CJ, 4 speed top loader. Its riddled with issues, old paint, a few dents and dings, most gauges don't work, the ones that do are wrong. The linkage on the 4spd is a bit off, and although the engine is numbers matching, its had a lot of go-fast work done that takes away from the originality to me, repainted block and heads black, aftermarket intake, carb, exhaust, ignition, etc. So, the goal is to slowly but steadily restore it, going original where possible but keeping aftermarket parts that improve driveability.

    Looking forward to words of wisdom and hopefully some inside tracks on hard to find parts. Will do my best to document progress along the way!


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    Seguin, TX
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    Sutherlin, OR
    NICE!!! I am a appreciator of original...
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    Pretty cool!welcome back to the site dana

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