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    About a year ago ImageShack changed their policy by moving from a free service to a paid service. At that time if you didn't upgrade to a paid account your existing images would still be served, but you could no longer upload new images. As of November 1, 2015 the ImageShack policy has changed again.

    Now if you do not have a paid account, any existing images stored on ImageShack will no longer be served outside of the ImageShack domain. If you have any images on ImageShack after January 31, 2016 and do not have a paid account, your account will be considered abandon and the account, along with the images, will be deleted. This will result in pockmarking many websites, including this one.

    I'll likely not catch them all, but if someone sees a post of mine with a broken image, please contact me through the "Conversation" mechanism and I'll attempt to fix the post. Any of my images that are contained in a quote will be up to that poster to fix afterwards.
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