It just got ugly- How ugly ?

Discussion in 'General Ranchero Help' started by allovaagain, Dec 26, 2009.

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    Windsor!!!??? Man, there are only like 4 million of those on the street.
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    Beautiful Foristell Missouri
    I didn't even realize they made a CJ Windsor. Wow.
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    It's becoming clear to me know. It is just a matter of adjusting my thinking.
    When a distributer gear fails, the oil pump has been saved.
    When a connecting rod fails at the bottom of the stroke as they commonly do, the head has been saved.
    The benifit of failed parts is that the failure prevents a failure someplace else. That makes sense, as failures in nonrunning engines are much less commonplace.
    And, as the failure rate of the Welch plugs is so high, that is proof that they are invaluable in keeping your engine in a state where it has fewer failures from other sources.
    To think of all the money I could have saved had only I known this well kept secret of engine building years ago.
    Happy New Year
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    southeast MN
    My '69 351w had a crack in the bellhousing area from freezing, not saying yours would crack there but not a bad idea to check if you haven't looked there yet. I bought it that way and tried to weld it using nickel rod, but finally just filled in the area with wirefeed, lasted until the valve broke a couple years ago making for one ugly piece of scrapiron. Good to hear it survived.
  5. dads 68

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    Metal stitching block repair
    Just searched <cold weld> and found this. Turns out that the block repair that I did was similar to what these guys are doing professionally and is more appropriately called a lock stitch.
    Found another guy out there that has a patent on a tapered plug just for this purpose and he is calling it a cold weld. But ain.t it amazing what you can find on the net?:cool:
  6. vltchkr

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    Core plug, welch plug freeze plug, what ever you call them there there for one purpose. To save the block from cracking, now dont get me wrong you can still crack the block with out a !@#$ plug popping out. Im going out and saying 99.9% that your block is fine, the plug could of been installed wrong but it released and that saved your motor. IMO

  7. 5.0 Chero

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    Core plugs one purpose is to plug the hole made by the sand casting process..thats all if you are lucky enough to have one pop out and not crack the block then thats all it was is luck and nothing more. They never were designed to "save" a block from cracking...the press in one were designed to save money .. originally the were screwing plugs cheaper to use press in plugs

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