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Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by As Is '66, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. cbolt

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    Palm Coast, FL
    My stepdad rode right up until the end almost, and he was 86 or so when he passed a few years ago. Mom and he rode all the time when he was alive and it is difficult for me to get up to Jacksonville, which is over an hour drive away, but I hate to deny her one of her biggest pleasures, so I get up there at least every other week.

    I don't think its about crazies on the road, but more about her age and if she has an issue I can help her.
  2. Minotaur

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    I've been riding, not quite as often as usual, but that's cuz I've got a '63 Ranchero now that I split time with the bike with.
    A bike forum I'm on has these pic challenges, like "your bike next to farm equipment", first entry wins and picks the next challenge.
    Sometimes on a day off, that's reason enough for a ride. ;)
    (Yeah I won the farm equipment challenge)
  3. As Is '66

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    Southwest Georgia
    I could do the farm equipment picture without leaving our swGA yard ;)
    BUT I`d rather leave cause that`s a good excuse to RIDE :D

    www.Hondashadow.net is one of many forums I visit,

    Lets RIDE Rural byways
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