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Discussion in 'General Ranchero Help' started by 65restomod, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. colnago

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    I don't like the faux diamond plate in the bed. To me, that screams of rot in the bed.

  2. john777

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    Other than the fact that he is buying the cafr and the diamond plate might be hiding something, I really like the look of the diamond plate.
    How easily is that done?
  3. ForistellFord

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    Beautiful Foristell Missouri
    I guess you could make it as complicated as you want, but the quickest way would just be to screw it right to the bed panels. Hopefully he at least ran a bead of silicone around it.
  4. 65restomod

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    Danville,VT left NJ forever
    When I looked at the "73 I commented on the diamond plate in the bed and the owner said it is a kit which was on there when he bought it.
    He also said there was a matching plate for the tailgate which he took off because of the glare in the rearview.
    he said he likes the diamond plat so he can haul stuff without scuffing the bed. If you notice there is no cut outs on the side plates to access the tie down bars
    and yes, they are screwed down to the bed and side walls and the front of the bed plate has a lip formed in the front to what I think is a small rise in front of the bed
  5. uk ranchero

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    when i bought my 72 the bed was covered in sheet steel blended in with bondo then painted body color didn't spot it till the rain came in.

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